Wednesday, 21 March 2012

London drawings

I forgot how much I used to enjoy drawing architecture. This is for a competition on london transport... just got to work a way to put it all together...

Kurt Schwitters. He. Thaumatrope.

Kurt Schwitters. He.

Thinking how to make my illustrations for the Merz box project more interesting I made them into a thaumatrope (think spinning disc with a bird and a cage). I made a box for it to go in (but that needs a bit of work).

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Negociated project

Deciding what I want to draw for the next few months was a pretty tough decision. I recently started an online roller derby zine called sassqautch with on of my team mates and so decided I would kill two brids with one stone and do some drawings for sassqautch that would also make up my negociated project.
I wanted each drawing to be a funny take on a name of a drill, a common joke, to pick up on of the many quirks of roller derby.
So, my work recently has many been a lot of doodling and working out what I want to do, which ideas work and make sense. They're probably not going to make a whole lot of sense but here are some of my sketches so far...

Finished 'HE"